The US Auto Spa Story

It all started in 1999 with an old Buick, 200 ft. of extension cords, 150 ft. of garden hoses, and a big dream in my heart. I am thankful to God of how He has blessed my company and I give Him all the glory! I would be remiss if I didn’t say it took a lot of a thing called “persistence”, something that makes you keep going even when you feel like quitting.

With my determination and God at my right hand I have become very successful at what I do, which is providing top notch detailing services and building long lasting relationships with my clients, many of whom I consider friends.

I left the corporate world in 1998 and wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing so I went to work at a local car wash. That was where I realized that I could provide a far superior service than the car wash provided. I then took a job at a car dealership in the detailing department to learn how to detail; I knew that I did not want to practice on my clients’ cars! After a year there, I began my business.

In the following years, my associates and I have all taken continuing education classes in detailing and paint correction. With a lot of faith and a good bit of hard work we have become a dominant force in the mobile detailing industry. I guarantee that we are a lot more than a guy with a bucket of soap and some turtle wax!