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Whether you own a brand new vehicle that’s fresh off the lot or a car that’s older than you are, paint damage is inevitable; while it might be easy to shrug a few scratches off as superficial wear and tear and leave the problem unresolved, paint damage has a habit of getting worse over time. The longer that you let paint damage fester, the greater the effect it will have on the market value of the vehicle, and the more expensive it will be to get the damage repaired. If you own a car, motorcycle, or RV in Buford and you need paint correction, then US Auto Spa is here to help!

Our unique method is guaranteed to take the stress out of Buford automotive paint correction:

  • First, we perform a thorough wash to get every particle of dirt and grime off of the vehicle
  • Next, we apply a range of high quality polishes to the damaged paint to draw out the undamaged finish underneath
  • Once your paint has been corrected, we recommend an 18-month or 36-month ceramic coating to keep your vehicle in pristine condition
  • We come to you to do the corrective work; we’ll work wherever it’s most convenient for you

Paint correction is permanent and will never need to be touched up or refinished; some detailers will try to sell you damage concealment, which is not permanent and doesn’t really fix the problem. “Discount detailers” will often cut corners by using lower quality soaps and tools that can cause damage to the paint on your vehicle. At US Auto Spa, we have the experience and gear necessary to permanently and properly clean up any paint damage that has been done to your vehicle, guaranteed.

Paint correction is vital to maintaining the market value and aesthetic appeal of a vehicle, but many Buford car owners are reluctant to have their paint fixed when there’s no guarantee that the vehicle won’t just get damaged again; if you’re concerned not just about fixing your paint but maintaining it as well, then US Auto Spa has the solution for you: a ceramic coating! A ceramic coating is a clear protective nano-layer that sits on top of your paint; your vehicle will have a more lustrous shine without a loss of richness in the paint. We offer 18-month and 36-month guaranteed quality Buford ceramic coatings that will provide unparalleled protection from contaminants, scratches, and other forms of wear.

If your vehicle has been scratched, corroded, or worn, then don’t wait a moment longer; every day that paint damage continues to go untreated, the potential cost and inconvenience of a repair job rises exponentially. Give us a call or fill out our convenient and quick scheduling form, and find out why so many people choose US Auto Spa to be their Buford automotive paint correction company!