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Any vehicle owner will tell you that they have few investments more significant than that which they have made in their car; maintaining a vehicle is a constant and costly process that continues until the automobile is sold. Whether you’re interested in protecting a new investment or you’re fed up with correcting the paint on an old one, US Auto Spa can help you maintain your vehicle’s finish for the long-term with a Johns Creek ceramic coating.

A ceramic coating is a protective nano-layer of a durable compound that is spread evenly over the finish on your vehicle; we offer ceramic coatings in an 18-month and a 36-month durability rating. Here are just a few of the benefits of outfitting your vehicle with a ceramic coating:

  • Over a year of protection from the elements, corrosive substances, and scratches, all of which have the potential to require expensive paint correction repairs
  • A vehicle that continues to appear to be freshly detailed for over a year, without the need for maintenance or upkeep
  • An eye-catching shine on your finish, without affecting the depth and richness of the paint
  • Because fine particulates cannot bond with the coating, washing dirt or debris off of your vehicle is as simple as spraying it with a hose

If you’re more interested in protecting a more specialized vehicle or a particular part of your car, then we can help! US Auto Spa offers ceramic coatings for Johns Creek RVs and motorcycles that are sure to keep your vehicles looking brand new! We also offer ceramic coatings for wheels and windshields, which benefit greatly from the increase in durability that a protective nano-layer provides; never again will you have to live with a marked-up windshield or dull, scuffed wheels!

With the convenience of our on-site ceramic coating application process, getting your vehicle protected from paint wear won’t even require you to leave your driveway; whether it’s most convenient for us to work at your home, your office, or in a parking lot while you shop, US Auto Spa is dedicated to making Johns Creek ceramic coating application as simple for you as possible.

Whether you have a specialty coating job in mind or you just want to get your vehicle protected from wear as soon as possible, we’re here to give you the best customer service and quality in the Johns Creek on-site detailing industry. If you’re interested in keeping your vehicle in a pristine state, then give us a call or fill out our quick scheduling form, and let us show you why we’re the number one Johns Creek ceramic coating applicator and on-site mobile detailer!