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Every vehicle owner knows that the moment that a new car, motorcycle, or RV rolls off of the lot its value diminishes, and continues to diminish as the automobile experiences the wear and tear of the road. What most vehicle owners don’t know is that it’s possible to greatly mitigate the natural wear that their automobile undergoes without spending a fortune in the process. With over twenty years in the Atlanta mobile detailing industry, US Auto Spa can give your car, motorcycle, or RV the protection and shine that it deserves with an 18-month or 36-month ceramic coating.

Our Ceramic Coating Package includes:

  • Comprehensive paint protection for any of your vehicles
  • A complimentary exterior detail; lock in your newly detailed car for years to come
  • Easy maintenance; spray your finish with a hose, and the dirt will melt away

An Atlanta automotive ceramic coating is an American-made clear protective ceramic coating that is formulated to safeguard automobile paint from scratches, etching, and natural wear. By harnessing the power of nano-coating technology, an Atlanta automotive ceramic coating is able to protect your vehicle for years to come while leaving the richness of the paint untarnished. At US Auto Spa we believe that your automobile should only get the best, and an 18-month or 36-month ceramic coating is the natural choice when it comes to ceramic coatings; an 18-month or 36-month ceramic coating has the best scratch and chemical resistance properties of on ceramic paint coating on the market, and it will last for years.

Whether you want to breathe new life into an old vehicle or protect a new one, US Auto Spa has you covered. A ceramic coating application is a great way to protect your investment and save a substantial amount of money in the long run; remedying even the finest scratches and chemical etching is a costly process, and every scratch can add up. With an 18-month or 36-month ceramic coating, you can stop worrying about expensive paint correction and get back to enjoying your car, motorcycle, or RV.

Among vehicle paint protection methods, no other product comes close to the robustness and utility of an 18-month or 36-month ceramic coating. Using a wax or a sealant is a only short term solution for wear prevention; typically these products only provide protection for a month or two at most. A film or clear bra is a longer term solution which is custom fitted and applied to your vehicle in a garage; because of the inherent expense and time investment necessary to apply a film to a vehicle, this method is generally unnecessary for most consumers. An 18-month or 36-month ceramic coating can be applied to a car, motorcycle, or RV by a professional from US Auto Spa right in your driveway at a time of your choosing, making it the best combination of convenience and quality for your money.

If you want to protect your automobile from wear and ensure that your investment doesn’t lose its value over time, then an 18-month or 36-month ceramic coating is the perfect choice. At US Auto Spa, we bring the convenience to you by performing on-site ceramic coating installation at a time and date of your choosing. Setting up an appointment is just a click away with hassle-free online scheduling. We serve Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Buford, Gainesville, Braselton, Flowery Branch, Lawrenceville, Sugar Hill, and the Atlanta metro area. If you want to protect your car, motorcycle, or RV from wear and give it a great shine in the process then schedule an appointment with US Auto Spa today!

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