This detail package is for the individual that is looking to protect the paint on their vehicle and wants to ensure that the paint is cleaned and exfoliated properly.

An exterior detail from US Auto Spa is just what your car needs to get it’s showroom shine back. Our modern detailing methods will not only leave your car with a sparkling finish, but are guaranteed not to cause damage or wear. This detail is suggested twice a year to maintain the shine and gloss on your vehicle.


  • A meticulous exterior wash
  • Degreasing and pressure clean on the trunk and door jambs
  • Exfoliation and clay bar treatment on all painted surfaces to capture contaminants
  • Wheels and tires degreased, cleaned with micro-detailing brushes, and pressure cleaned
  • Vehicle is air dried to ensure that your paint isn’t scratched in the drying process and to force water out of the cracks and crevices of the vehicle
  • Apply hydrophobic spray paint sealant (opti-seal). It seals and protects paint under a crystal clear barrier of crossed link polymers. Dirt, moisture, oil, and UV radiation are all sealed out of the paint to maintain optimum gloss. It is a durable protection for paint, plastic trim, wheels, glass, and all exterior surfaces.
  • An optional application of silicone-based tire shine
  • A full vacuum of the interior of the vehicle
  • A cleaning of all windows and mirrors
  • A cleaning of the dashboard